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Just when we thought the lastest Divi updates that arrived a few weeks ago were ground breaking, Elegant Themes released their 2.7 update with a massive set of new features and functions.


Divi Leads – A/B testing right inside the Theme


A simple idea, but one that makes it so easy to do A/B testing without any additional plugins or software.

  • Create different versions of your page
  • Select a goal.

Let Divi Leads figure out which version of your page is most effective at converting to that goal.

For Example, you have two header images with different Call to Action Buttons or Headlines that you want to test to see which converts best.   Divi can serve either header image to your audience and track the conversion rate

Divi A-B Testing

Divi leads will output the data in Tabular form showing which header created the best conversion rate.  You can use Divi leads on virtually any page element, individual modules or entire sections of content.  Figure out what works through statistical analysis.


Track Goals

Not only can Divi Leads be used to test any element, it can also be used to test a wide array of goals; Call To Action module, Ecommerce module, even the Contact Form module and more.


Improved Portability

Divi 2.6 brought versatile portability to the theme, allowing layouts, modules and sections to be exported as a .xml file and imported into another site’s library, but 2.7 has taken portability to another level.  A new simple to use UI allows you to transfer, backup, or share your layouts with others by outputting your layout as a Json file.  To add it to another site you simply use the Divi Portability function to import the layout.

divi portability feature


Images Too!

That’s right!  The new portability system encodes your images right into the export files. When you import your layouts to another site the new portability system automatically adds these images to your Media Library and updates the URLs inside!  The possibilities with this feature are huge,  turning any Divi library packs into a independent and incredibly easy to use design template.


Export/Import Theme options

Many designers have favourite settings in the Divi options and redoing them on a new site can be tedious.  Now you can Import and Export the Divi options which if you are a busy designer could save you a ton of time!


Divi Builder Diagnostics

Elegant Themes have added a new feature to the Divi Builder to help in tracking down any conflicts.  When the Divi Builder fails to load, you will no longer get the spinning wheel of death with no clues as to what might have gone wrong.  The Builder now attempts to detect common problems, such as memory errors, wp-config issues, unwanted cached files, outdated theme and WordPress versions and plugin incompatibilities.  ET aim to build this into a comprehensive system of self-help with subsequent builder updates.


Divi, Divi Buider and Extra Too!

Good news is that all these new functions and features are available not only in the Divi theme bt also in the new Extra Theme and the standalone Builder plugin.



We have only been able to show here a little of what is included in this massive update.  Further features and enhancements include:

  • Site-wide colour palette in the Divi Theme Options
  • Divi Page Settings – Custom CSS Box that can be used to add custom CSS to each specific page
  • New Settings in the Divi Builder interface – accessed by a Hamburger menu
  • Divi Roles can also be imported and exported.

This update has caused a huge ripple of excitement amongst the Divi users community and designers.  Elegant Themes continue to expand and refine their most popular themes and plug-ins which bodes well for the future.

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